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Michelle Salinas is the CEO and Chair at The Digital Edge Inc. She has found $10 Million of additional revenue for business owners without them spending on marketing or advertising. 

She brings more than 20 years of experience in customer success, sales and marketing, advertising, business development, and project management. Scrum Master and Six Sigma certified. Certified Leader by The Mastermind Association founded by Greg S. Reid. Happy For No Reason Certified Trainer by Marci Shimoff. 

Michelle was moved to start her business in 2018 after experiencing an altering life experience that led her to uncover the abandonment and isolation many other working mothers and single mothers with special needs kids are experiencing.

When she is not running The Digital Edge Inc, she is working on launching a community to help special needs moms give a voice to the silent war they are fighting for their children and go from despair to happy and evolve powerfully. 

Based in Denver, Colorado. In her personal time, she loves spending time with her two kids and 2 fur babies. Dancing. Studying philosophy and meeting  inspiring people.

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