Catalyzing Business Breakthroughs

We Have Found Over $10 Million Dollars of Additional Revenue for Small Business Owners Without Them Spending Extra Dollars on Marketing or Advertising

Advertise with an Edge!

Increase your market share and be a Super Star in your local community on an exclusive basis, and sponsorship venues are Going Fast! Don't miss out. You can feature your business exclusively at the front entrance of your local pharmacy or supermarket on our 5ft 5" tall (Giant) Wellness Kiosk that dispenses hand sanitizer wipes to every customer that enters the store. Their customers can't miss you. It's right at the front entrance.

   A billboard used, is a billboard remembered

 1. Up to 30,000 Pharmacy/Supermarket shoppers per week, per store

 2. Perceived endorsement from Pharmacy/Supermarket

 3. Reach customers who live, work, and shop in the community

 4. Your ad is seen DAILY by potential customers

  5. More Shoppers will know who you are and what you do

  6. First right of renewal/expansion

  7. YOU WILL BE recognized as a community business that cares more  
about giving than receiving.

   FORCED EXPOSURE - With your ad:

  1. Doesn’t have to be picked up

  2. No pages to turn

  3. Can’t be thrown away

  4. No hearing or reading is necessary

  5. Its EXCLUSIVE - you don’t share the space with anyone

  Here's how it works:

 Click here to schedule a 10-minute briefing with us to go over available locations and specifics of your campaign or send us an email to with the locations you want.

 We confirm store locations  availability 

 Reserve it with your first payment.

  All Done!

We take it from there and here's what we're going to do.

 1. We will send you an email confirming that your campaign is booked.

 2. We will create your artwork based on your personalized specifications.


3. We will send you PROOF for your review and APPROVAL.


4. We will send you an email PROOF OF INSTALLATION


5. Receive ongoing marketing strategy for your offers and any other advertising you are doing online or offline ($1500 Value) ALL included when you 



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